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How-To Videos

Gold Medal Breeze Cotton Candy Machine (How to Make Cotton Candy)

This video walks you through using a Gold Medal Breeze cotton candy machine. Gold Medal cotton candy machines are know to be very durable commercial cotton candy makers. The 1200 Watt Breeze uses a durable tubular heating element and can produce approximately 2-3 cotton candy cones per minute. 

The Gold Medal Breeze cotton candy machine features a stainless steel cabinet, aluminum floss bowl (pan), 1/10 horsepower motor and Whirlgrip stabilizer (netting). The Breeze is probably the ideal cotton candy machine to rent when the operator is not the same person as the owner.

How to Use a Hot Water Pressure Washer Mi-T-M

Learn how to use a hot water gas pressures washer for your pressure washing jobs. From set up to operation, this video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to be an expert in pressure washers.

When cleaning surfaces that have grease or oil on them, hot water is a must. You wouldn't think of washing your greasy hands with cold water and the same applies to pressure washing. If you operate cold water equipment more than a few hours a week, you should consider the labor savings you could realize by switching to a hot water pressure washer.

E-Z Trench Bedscaper Bed Edgers

The Bedscaper bed edger is the most maneuverable bedder/trencher machines on the market. Caster steering makes cutting graceful curves easy and allows a turning radius of less than two feet The patented blade design will cut harder soils, pulverize the cuttings, and bevel the bed edge to the foliage while cutting a clean well-defined vertical border. Its unique design also augers soil towards the center of the bed out of the trench. You can create a beautiful raised bed in minutes. The Bedscapers make creating or redefining beds fast and easy.