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The new TL750 Tower Light can be used in non- hazardous locations indoors with standard ceiling heights or outdoors. Primary use is intended for indoor, smaller confined space applications such as dry walling or painting rooms where uniform, 360 degree glare-free lighting is required. The shorter height also makes it perfect for providing a softer, diffused light for activities such as backyard parties, weddings or even gathering places for hayrides to name a few. Tool free, no complex assembly required. Inflates for operation in 30 seconds and remains inflated even with minor cuts or perforations. Full, 600 W illumination within 5 minutes. Designed for slow, safe descent and quick storage in a self- contained carry case. Can be powered from a standard wall outlet or gasoline engine- powered generator for remote applications.

Rent from $44.00


The POW’R LITE Mobile Light Tower’s four 1000-watt lamps provide you with over seven acres of light anywhere you need it. An integral Baldor 6000-watt generator powers the light tower—and since the light tower uses only 4000 watts, that leaves 2000 watts of additional power. Use the tower’s 120V GFI (ground fault interrupter) and 240V twist-lock receptacle for electrically-powered applications on the job site.

This mobile light tower rotates a full 360°, and features a quiet, dependable, Kubota diesel engine for “flicker-free” operation. It also features a heavy-duty winch design with integral forklift pockets, a zinc-plated 30' four-section mast with coiled mast cords, and a runtime hour indicator.

Rent from $100.00