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10 GPM

The Gulper II Flood Pump is designed to be the most efficient way to extract water from carpet at any water-damaged facility. It is powerful enough to tackle the toughest recovery jobs, yet is easy to use. Structural damage, electrical hazards, pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew present very specific cleaning issues at a flood site. The Gulper II is designed specifically for water recovery with a powerful vacuum motor that extracts water and small debris quickly.

The F6 Downdraft® Dryer is the most versatile air mover available with multiple positions for every drying need. The 6-bladed precision pitched fan blade pulls warmer, drier air down through the dryer, blowing it across the entire room for maximum drying productivity.

The CTS12 RIP-R-STRIPPER® is a highly productive solution for removing ceramic tile, hardwood flooring materials and other covering removal applications for both commercial and DIY projects

The new line of Ultra Speed® Burnishers are ideal for use in hospitals, schools and areas requiring dust-free, quiet operation. This new line produces brilliant high-gloss shine with minimal effort. The self-adjusting pad pressure assures that optimal power is applied to the pad driver without the need to change any settings.


Floor Stripping - 17x2 Tungsten Carbide Abrasive Paint Stripping Disc - Concrete

Max RPM 175

             This iron features a low profile that glides easily under carpets and permits the seam to be joined close to the back of the iron - where the adhesive is still hot. "U" - shaped handle provides strength and also features a 3-position stain relief. Special "angle-out" tip design prevents "dragging-off" the hot melt adhesive when removing the iron at the end of the seam. Heat settings are adjustable between 250° and 425° F, permitting seaming speeds up to 4' per minute.
Other features include an 8' long cord, riveted iron tray, and power indicator light. The built-in heat shield protects sensitive pile fibers and synthetic backings.

Makes the job of laying out your flooring much easier.

The random-orbital sanding action of the OBS-18 removes the scratch patterns left by drum or rotary sanders, leaving a smooth , flat floor ready for refinishing. The OBS-18 is perfect for interim "screen and recoat" sanding jobs.

Designed to restore the shine on the wax after the floor is clean

17" 1.5HP motor Polisher. Standard with pad driver

Powered by 110 Volt Electrical and 4 Liters of water, the commercial Steam Vapor Machine cleans, restores and sanitizes. This machine cleans Tile, Grout, Flooring, Kitchen and Bath Surfaces, Bedding, Patio Furniture, Car Detailing, Pet Odors, and eliminates Mold & Bacteria on Contact. The machine cleans with temperature not pressure and has low water usage for indoor use

Clean spots before they become stains with this portable spot extractor.
Clean small spots on carpet, upholstery and many other applications.
Ensure complete water recovery, using a durable metal hand tool with the EX-SPOT-2 spot extractor's see-through window

Dry areas quickly with this compact, three-speed blower.
Quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and much more.
Ensure durability and many years of use with this blower's rotationally-molded body

Clean smaller areas, quickly with this self-contained carpet extractor.
Clean residential, rentals, and small spaces perfectly with the EX-SC-412 extractor's easy-to-use design and lift-off recovery bucket.
Move easily in and out of vehicles or up and down stairs due to its lightweight design, folding handle and recessed transport grips

Deep clean tough carpet soils in just one pass
Lift dirt out of carpet the first time, every time thanks to double-tuft brush and powerful extraction system.
Easily reach into tight spaces with ultra low-profile design

Robust, dependable clean- even in the most noise-sensitive locations
100% water recovery- even in 180 degree turns
Top of the line results in any application, thanks to powerful scrub motor and exceptional down pressure

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand Pro sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free

The U2 has a 10" nose and 1.5" clearance so the DIYER can sand under toe kicks and baseboard heat

7" Floor edger runs at 3600 RPM is powerful enough for the toughest job and finishes beautifully, comes with advance Dust Containment Options

7" Floor edger runs at 3600 RPM is powerful enough for the toughest job and finishes beautifully

The SL8V2 floor sander combines tilt action sanding and a drum that runs at a slow constant speed to allow the DIYer to achieve professional results!

The SL8 floor sander combines tilt action sanding and a drum that runs at a slow constant speed to allow the DIYer to achieve professional results!

Air Powered 5' chisel scaler, require 6-8 CFM @ 90 PSI

3/4Hp-115v Tile Stripper