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Set of 3

5' X 7'

Working height 51 ft

Platform height 45 ft

Horizontal outreach (from centerline) 27 ft

Horizontal outreach (from edge of footpad) 21 ft

Up and over height 20 ft 9 in

Lift capacity 500 lbs

Length - stowed 20 ft 8 in

Width stowed 5 ft 6 in

Height stowed 6 ft 8 in

Platform size 4 ft 1 in x 2 ft 9 in

Turntable rotation 350° non-continuous

Jib - length 4 ft 3 in

Jib - Vertical Motion 150° (+70 / -80)

Tow speed rating 65 mph

Leveling capability 12.5 °

Tire size ST 225/75 R15

Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, Genie® slab scissor lifts are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces.

Cleans 3/4" – 2-1/2" dia. drain lines

10 GPM

The Gulper II Flood Pump is designed to be the most efficient way to extract water from carpet at any water-damaged facility. It is powerful enough to tackle the toughest recovery jobs, yet is easy to use. Structural damage, electrical hazards, pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew present very specific cleaning issues at a flood site. The Gulper II is designed specifically for water recovery with a powerful vacuum motor that extracts water and small debris quickly.

Cooling Capacity.............................1350 sq. ft.

Maximum Air Delivery....................4120 CFM

Fan Type..........................................Axial

Water Reservoir..............................21 gallons

Width...............................................30 in.

Height..............................................55 in.

Depth...............................................23 in.

  • Large Capacity Hopper
    • Holds up to 13 gallons of materials for less time spent refilling
  • SmartStart System
    • Innovative system automatically starts pump and compressor when gun trigger is pulled, and shuts them off when released
    • Provides a soft-start to eliminate material blast that can impact finish
    • Reduces noise and vibration
    • Extends life of pump and compressor
  • WideTex Tips & Adapter
    • Allows spraying in a uniform fan pattern
    • Spray repeatable patterns with less material and pressure adjustment
    • Increases productivity by more than 20%

5/8" x 100' Cable

For 3"-6" lines

5/8" x 50' Cable

For 3"-6" Lines

1/2" X 50' Sewer Auger

For 2"-3" lines

5/8” diameter for 3” to 6” lines.

100 ft. x 5/8” (100EM4) cable


The new TL750 Tower Light can be used in non- hazardous locations indoors with standard ceiling heights or outdoors. Primary use is intended for indoor, smaller confined space applications such as dry walling or painting rooms where uniform, 360 degree glare-free lighting is required. The shorter height also makes it perfect for providing a softer, diffused light for activities such as backyard parties, weddings or even gathering places for hayrides to name a few. Tool free, no complex assembly required. Inflates for operation in 30 seconds and remains inflated even with minor cuts or perforations. Full, 600 W illumination within 5 minutes. Designed for slow, safe descent and quick storage in a self- contained carry case. Can be powered from a standard wall outlet or gasoline engine- powered generator for remote applications.

POD with Self-Leveling Color

Camera, 200 ft. Gel-Rod, and


Use on concrete, stone, masonry, ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe and more


Our Cut-n-Break method is the natural choice when you need to cut deep without overcutting at the corners. The K 760 Cut-n-Break enables you to cut as deep as 16" from one side. The two high-speed blades make a core in the saw cut, which can then easily be broken off using the accompanying breaking tool.

From landscaping to construction, experience maximum versatility in Kubota's B26TLB utility tractor. Loaded with a 26 HP Kubota diesel engine, standard 4-Wheel Drive and sloped loader arms and hood designed for improved visibility on the work site, the B26 takes productivity to the next level.

Engine:  Performance-proven Honda OHV engine with low-oil protection and recoil start

Frame:  Reinforced powder coated steel tube frame with center balanced lifting hook · Wand holder · Solid steel threaded axles · Flat-free tires · Locking tire brake

Components:  High quality fuel filter/water separator ensures clean fuel supply · Complete system diagnostic board · On/off burner switch · Pressure and high limit safety controls · No. 1 or No. 2 diesel or kerosene fired burner (Bio-fuel not approved at this time) · Polyethylene burner fuel tank · Easy coil drain helps prevent freezing in cold weather · Energy efficient top fired powder coated heat exchanger designed for convenient troubleshooting and easy maintenance

Unit Includes:  Quick connect nozzles (0, 15, 25 and 40-degree) · 50

Extreme power for 13 tons of material removal per day


The F6 Downdraft® Dryer is the most versatile air mover available with multiple positions for every drying need. The 6-bladed precision pitched fan blade pulls warmer, drier air down through the dryer, blowing it across the entire room for maximum drying productivity.

The CTS12 RIP-R-STRIPPER® is a highly productive solution for removing ceramic tile, hardwood flooring materials and other covering removal applications for both commercial and DIY projects

Breaks down for easy travel

Making penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables

Openings for ventilation

Stitch drilling for breaches

Coring holes for service entries

Core drilling in ceilings, walls and floors without hammering or vibration

The POW’R LITE Mobile Light Tower’s four 1000-watt lamps provide you with over seven acres of light anywhere you need it. An integral Baldor 6000-watt generator powers the light tower—and since the light tower uses only 4000 watts, that leaves 2000 watts of additional power. Use the tower’s 120V GFI (ground fault interrupter) and 240V twist-lock receptacle for electrically-powered applications on the job site.

This mobile light tower rotates a full 360°, and features a quiet, dependable, Kubota diesel engine for “flicker-free” operation. It also features a heavy-duty winch design with integral forklift pockets, a zinc-plated 30' four-section mast with coiled mast cords, and a runtime hour indicator.